Input Channels 96 max ( LVDT / Piezo / LVDT & Piezo combination)
Functionality Sends only ADC count/Displacement on RS232 port
Baud Rate 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400/57600/115200
LC 0.1µm/1µm
ADC Resolution 16/18/20 Bits
Digital Filter Level 1 to 7
String Output ADC Count/Displacement
Data Transmission Continuous Data (Sends continuous Data on RS22 port)
START STOP Command (After receiving START command GageNet send continuous data on RS232 port after receiving STOP command STOP sending data)
Data Query ( Response on receiving Query)
Calibration Double Master configurable (Using GageNet Utility)
Footswitch Available
Ports RS-232 for PC communication
Digital Outputs (DO) 8 outputs, Isolated, Open collector with indication Led’s Additional DO can be added
Digital Inputs (DI) 8 Inputs, Isolated with indication Led’s Additional DI can be added
Additional Feature Slave can be easily replace/ Slave can be easily configure/Slave can be easily added or removed
Communication indication Serial Communication Led indication

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