Key Features

  • Number of Channels: Maximum 8 (Upto 8 LVDT or 8 Piezo or LVDT+Piezo)
  • 7 Inch Colour Touch Screen Display
  • Cp, Cpk, (Can be seen on Display of ongoing Measurements as per Subgroup size 10 by default)
  • 16 GB Inbuilt data storage
  • Data storage facility
  • Number of result 16 and Number of Setup 100
  • Inbuilt auto air cutter
Feature Description
Number of Channels Maximum 8 (Upto 8 LVDT or 8 Piezo or LVDT+Piezo)
User Interface 7 Inch Colour Touch Screen Display
Hardware Keys 12 (6 Function Keys + 6 Navigation Keys)
Number of results Up to 16
Number of Setups 100
Number of Layouts 4
Result Views Dial, DRO, Run-Chart (With and without Solid background), Bargraph
Result Modes Current, Minimum, Maximum, Average, Difference
Dimension Types Linear and Angle (Half, Full and Average Angle)
Linear units MM, Micron, INCH
Angle units DMS (Degree Minutes Seconds), Decimal Degree
Linear Resolution 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10 Micron
Angle Resolution 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Decimals
Users Quality Admin and Operator Login can be created. Max. 10 users limit. (Minimum access to Operator Login)


Digital Outputs

8 Digital Output Signals (Open Collector) Which can be Configured as Tolerance Indicators (Selectable results and AND/OR logics), Measurement Cycle ON,

Measurement Cycle in Process, Dynamic Measurement Delay in process



Digital Inputs

4 Digital Inputs Which can be Configured as

DI for Data Transmission, DI as External Trigger/Foot-Switch, Job Presence Sensor Input,

Rejection Bin Sensor Input (in case of Reject Bin Poka-Yoke)

FootSwitch 1-FootSwitch Available
Communication Ports 2 Nos. RS232 (COM1, COM2), 1 Nos. RS485 (COM3), Ethernet, USB
Formula Editor Result formula can be edited for combinations of Channels and or other results
Preset And Mastering Step, Simultaneous (Group Mastering)
Tolerance Nominal, Lower Set Limit (LSL), Lower Control Limit (LCL), Upper Control Limit (UCL), Upper Set Limit (USL)
Grading/Segregation Up to 25 Grades/Divisions with 5-digit Alphanumeric Mark
SPC Cp, Cpk, (Can be seen on Display of ongoing Measurements as per Configurable Subgroup size from 2 to 25)
Job Counters Total Jobs, OK Jobs, NG Jobs. Given separate screen for result wise job counters display

Measurement Delays

Start-up Delay (0.1 to 9.9 Sec Stabilizing Time),

Dynamic Timer Delay (0 to 999.9 Sec Time for Actual Measurement after which Data will be Saved)

Measurement Cycle Auto Cycle (Auto Time Base) and Measurement Cycle (Trigger Based)
Auto Air Cut-Off Auto Air Saving Mode (Air will be in full consumption while measurement while out of Measurement consumption will be cut by approx. 80 to 90%)
Job serial number Auto increment or Manual entry for every measurement (up to 24 digits alphanumeric)
Auto Layout Switching In case of Auto Measure Unit will View Automatically the Result Under Measurement on Screen Without any Trigger
Additional Displays 4 additional displays for all results (Configurable to NU, MAX, MIN, AVG, DIFF, Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk)
Shortcuts on main screen Given shortcuts for Setup, Clock Settings and Results. Need to long press for 2 seconds (Only in Quality Login)
Serial Output String On both COM ports we can send standard or FANUC Serial String (User Selectable)
CSV Files For every measurement unit sends csv file to server (SmartServer Utility) and also update day wise csv file
Setup Files

Restore/Back up

All Setup Files in Unit Can be Shared to USB Drive (Pen Drive) as

backup, or Setups from other Similar Unit can be Loaded/Restored to this Unit

Force Mastering Job counter based (on configured number of measurements unit will forcefully ask for Mastering)
Reject Bin Poka-Yoke If enabled then for rejected job next cycle will start only if rejected part is placed in rejection bin and its sensor output detected as DI to unit
Result Correction Result wise correction factor
Csv view HTML View for CSV files (can view the measured readings on unit itself without opening reports)

DI/DO Extension

Optional on Extra Charge (Contact Supplier/Manufacturer) DI/DO can be extended in case of BCD Auto Offset function or Grade/Segregation Output Configuration
Low Air Pressure Indication Optional on Extra Charge (Contact Supplier/Manufacturer)
Scanner Interface Optional on Extra Charge (Contact Supplier/Manufacturer)

Fanuc Communication

Optional on Extra Charge (Contact Supplier/Manufacturer) for Auto- Offset Function through Serial Communication (RS232) or through BCD Configuration (Extended DI/DO)
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Optional on Extra Charge (Contact Supplier/Manufacturer)
GSM for SMS facility Optional on Extra Charge (Contact Supplier/Manufacturer)

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