About GMS

We understand that gauges play a very important role in major parts of the manufacturing plant and calibration of it is crucial to maintain perfection/accuracy in results.
We are also aware of the challenges faced by the gauge room manager, to maintain a track of the calibrations of so many gauges and maintain their certificates for each one of them. In addition, tracing the gauge in use with some department or employee and getting it back for well-timed calibration can also, be a demanding task.
We have brought to you a solution, to help you resolve all the above challenges, which is called “GMS”.
A web-based application, in which you can enlist the details of all the gauges available in different gauge rooms and follow all the gauge allotments and returns easily.

  • On-premise / Web Architecture
  • Scheduled Alerts & Reports on Email
  • Calibration Schedules & History
  • User ID and Password Management
  • Certificate Attachments
  • Record Filtering
  • Configure Data
    Create User, Division, Gauge Room , Gauge List etc. & Assign Gauge Room to User
  • Assignment
    Assign / Return Gauge to Operator
  • Calibration
    Send Due Gauges to Calibration
  • Generate Report
    View Calibration Report & Assignment History
  • Calibration Date in Advance
  • Easy Assignment of Gauges
  • Easy Gauge Call-back
  • Single Click Documentation
  • Easy Access to Calibration History
  • Keep Supplier & Vendor Record