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Versa Controls’ automotive measurement solutions are widely employed in various critical applications within the automotive industry, contributing to the precision and efficiency of automotive manufacturing processes. Our technology is designed to meet the demanding requirements of the automotive sector, ensuring that vehicles are built to the highest standards of safety and performance.

Key Applications in the Automotive Industry:

1. Camshaft Bearing Alignment: Versa Controls’ measurement systems are utilized for precise alignment of camshaft bearings, which is crucial for the proper operation of the engine.
2. Measuring or Gauging Crankshafts: Accurate measurement of crankshafts is essential to ensure the engine’s reliability and performance. Versa Controls’ technology provides the precision required in this process.
3. Wireless Bore Gauging: Bore gauging, particularly when done wirelessly, allows
for efficient and non-intrusive measurement of critical engine components,
ensuring they meet exact specifications.
4. Wireless Measurement of Differential Housings: Differential housings are vital components of the vehicle’s drivetrain. Accurate wireless measurement guarantees the proper functioning of these crucial parts.
5. Cylinder Head and Camshaft Measurement: Cylinder head and camshaft components play a significant role in engine performance. Versa Controls’ measurement solutions contribute to their precision and reliability.
6. Glass Gauging: In automotive manufacturing, precise glass measurements are necessary for ensuring the correct fit of windshields and windows, contributing to safety and aesthetics.
7. Measurements of Automotive Parts: Our technology is widely applied to measure various automotive parts, ensuring they meet stringent quality and performance standards.
8. Checks for Distortion and Axle Bending: Versa Controls’ measurement systems are used to check for any distortions or bending in axles, crucial for the vehicle’s stability and safety.
9. Mechanical Prototyping: In the automotive industry, mechanical prototyping plays a significant role in designing and testing new components. Versa Controls’ technology assists in the precise measurement and evaluation of prototypes.