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Product Information:


  • Measuring unit for testing batteries using following functions: Charge, discharge and cycle (charge/discharge)
  • The measured values current, voltage and charge-/discharge-balance can be transmitted via CAN-interface and /or stored on an integrated SD card.
  • Charging: The charging process is executed by an external charging unit.


  • charging current: min./max.valuet
  • charging voltage: min./max. value
  • Ah-charging: selectable
  • Charging time: selectable
  • Discharging: The discharging process of the battery is performed by the integrated ELAST-unit.


  • Discharging mode: static (constant current) or PWM-load (pulse width modulation)
  • External: on/off
  • U-load: selectable (when threshold is exceeded discharging stopps)

Static ( I - constant current between 10mA…50A )

  • I-constant: discharging current, selectable
  • discharging time: selectable
  • Ah-discharging: selectable

PWM load ( I - pulse, pulse width modulation )

  • I-load 1 : discharge current, selectable
  • I-load 2: discharge current, selectable
  • time-on: time period of I-load 1, selectable time-period - time-on(I-load 1)
  • time-period: duration of one period, selectable = time-on(I-load 2)
  • time: duration of complete measurement, selectable

Following values are supervised during discharging process:

  • I_batt min./max. if overstepped or undercutted, switch-off
  • U_batt min. if undercutted, switch-off
  • U_batt max. has to accord with the utilized battery
  • U-load if limit value is crossed discharging stopps

The discharging process will be finished if:

  • U_batt min value is reached,
  • U-load value is reached,
  • Ah-value is reached,
  • I_Batt min value is reached
  • discharging time is reached.
  • Cycle: passing charging-/discharging-cycles:


  • n-charging: selectable
  • n-discharging: selectable


  • plastic- aluminium-housing, 465/390/245 mm (l/w/h)
  • protection class IP54,
  • temperature range -20...+50°C
  • supply 230 V AC, current consumption approx. 2 A

A detailed technical description is contained in our user manual


  • Measuring unit
  • battery connection cable with 2 DINSE pole plugs
  • 2 DINSE pole plugs with copper sticks, Ø 6mm (connecting external charging unit)
  • PC software for configuration via CAN or USB-2.0 interface
  • CAN database and documentation on CD ROM
  • USB 2.0 connection cable

Using KlariViewer-software logged data can be displayed and processed further.


  • battery connection cable with 2 DINSE pole plugs
  • 2 DINSE pole plugs with copper sticks, Ø 6mm


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