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About Versa Controls Measurement Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Versa Controls has always been customer oriented. Customer requirements and customer problems have been the focus of most of product developments at Versa.

Innovation with customer needs in the forefront has been the motto and that has earned Versa a respectable position in Indian market. This is also appreciated by Nirschl who represent Versa in European market. Due to its own competencies & capabilities and core competencies of Principals, Versa is able to provide measurement solutions to the automotive, aerospace, electronics, materials, optics, semi-conductor and bearing industries.

One can be sure that wherever they are, whatever be the application, we have the technology, the commitment and the resources to help them improvise their processes.

Quality and customer satisfaction have been central to the relationships that we have developed with our customers over a period of many years and we are committed to providing the highest standards of product and service levels to all our customers worldwide.

Reliability, accuracy and efficiency describe our constant striving towards economic efficiency, process stability, correctness and reliability. We have firmly anchored this quest on all levels of the company as part of our day to day activities.



The future needs everyone of us to be more sensitive and mindful of our contribution to make a better planet, society and business. Our vision is to become the most preferred global partner to all those businesses who believe in the delivery products of the highest quality to their customers and doing it with high efficiency and efficacy using cutting edge sensing, measurement and analysis.


Piston Checking

Versa Controls foundation is built on our passion for sensors. The challenges from our customers in sensing and measurements motivate us to explore innovative ways and push the limits to deliver customer’s business centric solutions with greater precision, accuracy, reliability along with affordability. We believe in our strength to actively listen and understand customers pain points along with aspirations and to build the products ourselves using our expertise in sensing and measurements. Collaboration, building sustainable relationships and pushing ourselves to better our previous best from yesterday drives us to deliver great products.



We believe on Versa Controls value system which form the guiding principles of our business and relationships. Respect – Everyones word is respected and valued across internal and external stakeholders. Trust – Our foundation of sustainable relationships are based on trust Listen – The very base of our source to be able to support our customers and also employees. Ingenuity – Pushing ourselves to become original, and inventive in our approach to solve problems and create new benchmarks. Precision – Precision needs sustained and dedicated efforts to delivery results and this becomes our parameter to check where we stand.


Group Company of Ametek USA.

75 Years Old Leading manufacturer of LVDT probes, Digital Probes, Gauging Electronics and displays.
LVDT probes typically tested to withstand 100 million cycles.
Leading manufacturer of Precision air gauging.
Specializes in Taper Measurement.
German Manufacturer producing tools for contact type measurement of bores and Outer Diameters for multiple applications.


Versa Controls Measurement Technologies Pvt. Ltd. won the Prestigious “G.S.Parkhe Award” of MCCIA in 2018 for their Gauging Display model “PneuGage” ​
Significance of Award​
Key Achievement
Versa Controls Measurement Technologies Pvt. Ltd. won the Prestigious “G.S.Parkhe Award” of MCCIA in 2018 for their Gauging Display model “PneuGage” ​

Life at Versa

“People First” is basic value of VCMTPL. We believe that company can flourish only if its every employee is happy and satisfied. That keeps him/her motivated to bring the best out of individual to make the best product. “First Time Right” is our Motto. Inculcating thought process and developing leadership qualities, developing the sense of ownership and responsibilities is what we think are of prime importance for company to grow and every individual to grow. Offering customer centric solutions, building partnership for mutual benefits. Along with this VCMTPL is staunch believer of Social Responsibility. ​