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3000 SI Gas Transmitter

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Gases Detected CO,H2S,SO2,H2,NO2,NO,Cl2,HCN,NH3,O3,HCl,ClO2,O2,F2,PH3,Br2,HF,C2H4O
Power 13 to 36 V at the transmitter
Signal 4-20 mA loop
Operating pressure atmospheric +/- 10%
Operating temperature Generally -20 to 40 °C except HF: -20 to 35 °C, and NH3: -20 to 30 °C
Operating life in air at STP O2: 1 to 1.5 years, HCN, NH3, HF: 1 year, all others 2 to 3 years
Material 316 stainless steel with acetyl insert
IP rating IP65
Dimensions height 125 mm (to top of gland), diameter 42 mm
Weight < 0.6 kg
Electronics warranty 1 year
Sensor warranty 1 year (except O2, HCN, NH3, HF = 6 months)
Safe Certified to Ga Ex ia IIC T4 (before March 2008 EEx ia IIC T4) for use in Zone 0 Areas
Simple to install Needs only 2 core screened cable
Product Information:

The Analox 3000SI range of oxygen/toxic gas sensor/transmitters are constructed as complete integrated units using state of the art? electrochemical sensors, together with the necessary electronic circuits to convert the tiny electrical signals from the sensor to an industry standard 2 wire 4-20mA output.

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